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medication management therapy

What is The Best Medication Management Therapy

Medication Management Therapy

Medical professionals are available to provide both assessments and medication management for those suffering from mental illnesses. Although it is a service offered, most do not know what it actually means.

For those that have never had to take any psychiatric medications in the past, it can seem a bit scary. This is the same for those that have had bad reactions in the past, or if you are unsure if what you are prescribed is really helping your symptoms.

When it comes to medications for mental illness, there is a lot that is unknown at first, but this is where the medical professional can help. It helps to learn what medication management therapy actually means, and to know what to expect with the treatment process. Understanding both symptoms and medications is the first step to proper treatment for mental health symptoms.

Mental well-being affects our overall state of physical health. When one feels stressed or experiences trauma, it can leave them anxious and overwhelmed. These feelings can snowball into more severe psychological and even physical illnesses. Addictive and destructive behaviors can occur.

It is important to have a physical annually, and just as important to take a moment for a mental health check as well. A medical professional can perform a mental health check, or an assessment, to provide an overview of your mental state. If there are symptoms that need treatment, medications can be administered. Discussion assists in finding the root of mental health needs.

After the assessment, the medical professional comes up with a treatment plan that is designed specifically for the patient. They outline the actions, uses, and side effects that may occur from medications that are suggested. The patient then agrees to the plan and is observed during a trial period to ensure that the medication is working properly.

Different patients may have different reactions to medications that are prescribed, which is why managing the medications is so important. It takes careful monitoring and ongoing discussions to ensure that the medications used are the right fit. It is also important to consult the medical professional before adding any additional medications to your daily routine, as medications have different reactions when mixed with others.

Psychiatric Medication Management Therapy

Using prescription medications comes with the risk of side effects. These effects are discussed in detail, as well as the benefits of using the medication itself. Not all patients will need medicines, but there are specific cases where medications are involved in the best course of treatment in order to relieve the patient’s symptoms.

When treating depression, bipolar disorder, sleep problems, anxiety, panic, ADD, and schizophrenia, medication management therapy is often the most effective treatment option.

When medications are prescribed, it is important to take the right dosage, at the right time. Follow the instructions completely, and don’t stop taking the medication without consulting the medical professional that prescribed it. Before adding any medications, ensure that there are no interactions with those that are currently prescribed.

Having a good routine for medication management therapy is key to ensuring that the medications are functioning the best that they can, in order to help the patient live their best life possible with the least amount of symptoms.

We at Riverview Community Mental Health Center understand that everyone has different needs. We will create a psychiatric medication management therapy plan tailored to your specific needs.

Our thorough approach to medication management involves carefully evaluating both your physical and mental health before changing or adding new psychiatric medications. In some cases, this will include ordering lab tests to pinpoint underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to your mental health.

As specialists who treat all types of mental illness conditions, our clinicians understand that psychiatric medications may take some time and trial to be effective. Understanding these differences between medications allows us to optimize the pharmaceutical benefits and minimize any possible side effects.

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