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Distressed woman holding her head with her hands due to anxiety

What is the Best Type of Therapy for Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are a common problem among children and adults. There are several different types of therapy. In each, the goal is to help people understand what is causing their anxiety and how to deal with it.

Therapies for Anxiety

There are different techniques used in each type of therapy. It is important to choose a therapy that is right for you. Choosing the wrong type of treatment can make your symptoms worse.

Psychotherapy can be a long process. It may take years before your thoughts are accurately analyzed.

One of the most intensive forms of therapy is psychoanalysis. During this type of treatment, you are able to understand the cause by looking at your fears and desires.

Another technique is dialectical behavior therapy. This teaches you to accept your emotions while you work to change them.

You can also try virtual reality therapy. Using virtual reality, you are placed in a simulated environment that is similar to the real world. Various stimuli can trigger an anxiety response. The trained therapist can guide you through relaxation exercises that can lessen the anxiety.

Exposure therapy is another kind of treatment. This is a method that begins with a mildly threatening situation. Over time, you move towards increasingly threatening situations.

Other techniques include cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and art therapy. Each of these approaches addresses the three major facets of anxiety – avoidance, cognitive distortions, and negative feelings. Medication can also be used to supplement therapy. 

Symptoms can be all-consuming. People suffering from these disorders can become completely isolated.