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Dr. Gerardo Olivera, MD

Dr. Gerardo Olivera MD – Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Medical School
Universidad Central del Este
San Pedro de Macoris-Dominican Republic

Internships and Residency
University Hospital, Birmingham, AL
University of Miami
Mt. Sinai Medical Center

The ECT Service at the Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. Gerardo Olivera, MD received his medical degree from the Universidad Central del Este, San Pedro de Macoris-Dominican Republic, and performed his medical training in South Carolina State Hospital, Columbia, SC. His rotations for internal medicine include the University Hospital in Birmingham, AL.

The Psychiatry rotations in Miami, FL include the Inpatient Psychiatry at University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital, the Inpatient Psychiatry at the Miami VA Medical Center, Highland Park Hospital, Inpatient Neuro-Psychiatry University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and Inpatient Psychiatry at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center as Psychiatry Consultation-Liaison.

Dr. Gerardo Olivera, MD can help with evaluating and managing disorders related to memory, mental function, and emotion. He has had broad experience in these disorders and understands the unusual cause of memory loss and mental complications. Dr. Olivera can assist in the “differential diagnosis” of memory loss and psychiatric disorders, that is, determining what from a list of possible causes applies to a specific person and which cause is the most likely.

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Dr. Gerardo Olivera

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